Grace Girls

               About Grace Girls


Our Vision 

Our goal is to create intimacy that encompasses the needs of every woman from various backgrounds and experiences. Moreover, to strengthen and build the community with a stronger faith in God.

Our Mission

To create a stronger Connection with Christ.  To provide opportunities for real life Conversation. To establish Community through accountability and partnership.

Connection. Conversation. Community.

What Is a Grace Girl?

A Grace Girl:

  • Has had an encounter with God
  • Is on display for God
  • Lives a sanctified lifestyle to glorify God
  • Shares the Gospel and bring others to Jesus

A Grace Girl always examines themselves with the following criteria:

  • How is my walk with Christ?
  • What good works have I done?
  • How many people have I led to Christ?

What is a Brave Grace Girl?

A BRAVE Grace Girl is someone who does not hesitate in the face of danger, challenges or pain.  She walks trusting that God is with her wherever she goes (Joshua 1:9), and she’s confident that the battle will be won.  

If you feel or know that you do not have a relationship with Christ,  you can be assured right now.  To learn more about inviting Christ into your life Click Here.