Lady Victory Vernon

Most know her as Lady Victory Vernon, First Lady of The Word Church, but beyond her call to the mega-ministry pastored by her husband, she is also an author, mentor and an inspiration. Distinguished by her heart for women, respected for her wisdom and recognized by her loving disposition, she pours into the women of The Word Church and spiritual daughters with a tender, authentic affection. She is the director of the Women’s Ministry, creating programs and outlets to celebrate feminine intellect and brilliance, along with bringing to life, health and wholeness to the female soul.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Capital University and a Master’s in Practical Theology from Ashland Theological Seminary. She created a lane for herself in Christian media with a talk show titled The Chat Room, a round-table discussion where women of various backgrounds and views come together to have lively, spirited banter about life issues, current events and other topics that concern or affect Christian women, offering biblical perspective and godly insight.

Alongside her husband, Dr. R.A. Vernon, Lady Vernon handles her obligation to serve in ministry with superb dedication and is the mother of five children.