Jada Jenkins

Since the age of five, Jada has yearned to be a hair stylist. With her undeniable charm, magnetic personality and attention to detail, Jada strives to make each and every client experience unforgettable! For over 10 years, Jada has been devoted to her craft.

 Jada is a well-known and sought-after stylist that has been featured locally and internationally in Black Hair Sophisticates Magazine, Hair N’ Motion, Hair’s How Magazine, Styling Books and Passion Magazines. Jada has also had the opportunity to serve as a celebrity stylist to numerous VIP clients, such as Kym Whitley, Robert Griffin III and Kim Burrell. Her work has also been extended to many platforms such as the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Los Angles Fashion Week and the BET Music Awards.

Jada preaches to her clients that a healthy, good-looking head of hair is the evidence of a strong, confident person who appreciates themselves and others. Jada truly believes that quality hair care is a key factor of a good self-esteem. She is certain that her destiny is to bring the inner beauty to the outer surface through the quality care of ones’ hair.