Moriah Peters


Moriah Peter’s sophomore release is a powerful collection of anthemic and melodic pop songs that challenge us to boldly live out our faith as Christians. At 21 she delivers a cutting edge, energetic sound that confidently carries a message that resonates with both the young and young at heart.

Those familiar with her debut release, “I Choose Jesus,” will recognize her distinctive vocals and be delighted by her musical evolution. Co-producers Seth Mosley (Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline) and Joel Smallbone (For King & Country) closely collaborated with Moriah in creating a musical experience that is an artful blend of theatrical string lines, dynamic percussion, and pulsating synth sounds all seamed together by unforgettable Pop melodies.

The theme of the album is passionately articulated in the title track, “BRAVE.” The notion of bravery came to Moriah while on a writing getaway, in a cabin just an hour from her California home. After two fruitless days, the simple solitary word, “BRAVE” came to her, igniting an inward journey of self exploration. In the process of realizing and facing her fears, Moriah understood that the songs produced over the next year were meant to inspire beyond her. By choosing to open and close the album with Brave, the latter track featuring a guest rap by Andy Mineo, Moriah is issuing a call to arms. Moriah declares, “this is the soundtrack to the battles I fight in my own life.”