Gasby Brown
Mistress of Ceremony

Gasby Brown is best known by being a successful radio host for Starz Talk!, the NY Correspondent for BET, a reporter for Fox TV's WNYW in New York, an author of several books, a prolific artist and philanthropist. 


This year, we will honor Unstoppable trailblazers during the 2016 He Loves Me Conference. There will be four categories – She Prays, She Leads, She Wins and She Overcomes – honoring women who have overcome obstacles and remained active in their careers, community, homes and/or church. 

The chosen honorees will be recognized at the awards ceremony during the conference. Nominations may be submitted by email to; please place Unstoppable in the subject line. In your email, tell us why you think your nominee is deserving of this award and please send us her contact information. 

She Prays

Is given to a Grace Girl that has built her life on the discipline of prayer and has demonstrated through her life the power of prayer.

She Wins

Is given to a Grace Girl that’s successful in a particular area in her life and has demonstrated a level of consistent success.

She Leads

Is given to a Grace Girl that has influenced those in her community, family, church or on her job and her influence has been a positive force in the lives of others. This individual does not have to have an official title, but she is in a position where she has influence.

She Overcomes

Is given to a Grace Girl that has faced extreme obstacles and overcame.

Grace Girl Chic

Grace Girl Chic is about celebrating the very essence of who we are in Christ. In our humanity, we are imperfect beings, loved by a sovereign and gracious God. Grace Girls Rock is not about getting dressed up to hang out with other women and compare clothing choices. It is about being comfortable in our skin and celebrating that with our sisters. Join us on Sept. 30, 2016, as we celebrate who we are in Christ. As a sisterhood, we are unstoppable forces for the kingdom of God! Wear whatever makes you feel like your "best you," we just want you to come out and be a part of the celebration.  If you need some ideas, Agape Couture Productions has picked out designs just for you, so check back here often.