Tonya Brigham

Tonya Brigham is a wife, a mother of two and business owner to one of the top selling smoothie bars in the nation. In 2012, Tonya left her career as a corporate event planner when she heard God whisper, “Just quit.” He then led her on a crushing, three-year trek through the desert and ultimately into a promised land. Her best advice to women is to grab ahold of your vision with both hands and don’t give up! Success will come and it will have nothing to do with how smart or talented you are, but how BIG and how faithful God is. What Tonya is most proud of is that she no longer wears the masks she hid behind in an attempt to seek a man’s approval. She says, “I see so many women wearing masks and it just breaks my heart. I no longer feel that I have to be the smartest or most capable woman in the room. Jesus is in the room with me and He makes up all the difference. My story is unstoppable because it is being written by Jesus, Himself.”

Melissa Fischer