Tylunda Greene

Tylunda Greene is a native of Charlotte, N.C. Early on she had a love for reading and writing, which lead her to study English at Bowie State University. After Bowie State, she received numerous certifications in the field of Information Technology.

In 1993, she joined First Baptist Church of Glenarden, where she served as a youth advisor for R.E.B.E.L.S 4Life and a Queen Esther facilitator. She is currently employed by FBCG as a project manager in the Events Department.  

She describes her live as a mosaic piece created by God. Her life are fragments that individually reflect brokeness, but when put together it displays the beauty of God’s power.   

Tylunda is dedicated to young adults and has “adopted” many of them into her life as her very own. She is determined to get the message out to women at-large that they are special and so loved by God. When she is not working or being a taxi driver, Tylunda loves to read and write. 

Tylunda has been married to Richard T. Greene Sr. for 23 years and together they have and five children: Richard Jr., Whitney, Taylor, Mikayla and Gabrielle, along with two grandchildren, Jayce and Jayla.


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