She Overcomes

Battlefield of the Mind
Tanyai Cato

If we can win the battle in our mind, we can win the battle over our flesh. Conquering the mind and flesh equates to conquering life, though certainly, it is much easier said than done. The battle of our mind can be one of the most crippling and seemingly unconquerable dilemmas. However, God has made provisions for us to be free; let’s learn to do just that!

For the Love
Tylunda Greene

In a world of “who’s who,” it is easy to feel the pressure of trying to attain a corporate leadership role, drive a certain car or exhibit a certain lifestyle. What if you weren’t called to the life “they” say you should have? What if God wants you to be a homemaker with no other title than mom or wife? What if you have no other title than your name? God has intentionally chosen a specific purpose for your life and it may have little to nothing to do with the life the world says you should have. 

Portrait of an Unstoppable Woman
First Lady Audree Ashe

The unstoppable woman will be defined, illustrated and characterized. There are seven – the number of perfection – snapshots that will be presented to help any woman become unstoppable regardless of what life throws her way. Get ready to up your game in Christ, stand in the face of adversity, rejoice in the midst of every obstacle, persevere when life doesn’t go your way and fulfill your destiny in Christ.

Understanding Your Purpose
Chaplain Lettie Carr

Each of us has purpose, and there are many ways to recognize that purpose. God can birth your purpose through your pain, with the proper response. This workshop is designed to help identify the keys to purpose, using the Word of God and other resources. Participants will be encouraged to explore their spiritual gifts and temperaments, as well.

One of the most common tools Satan uses in the lives of women is shame. It keeps us from having an accurate perspective of God, ourselves and the way people view us. Sometimes, it even hinders us from pursuing our purpose. With the proper tools and perspective, God can show you how to move the mountain of shame and confidently pursue Him and His will for your life.

Unstoppable You
Kay Drake Jones

We all want to feel like we are making progress in our spiritual growth. In this workshop, you will learn how to become more like Christ. 


Approval Addictions
First Lady Paula Staton

Escaping the pressure of “people pleasing” and trying to meet others’ expectations is possible! With saying “yes” to everyone else, it can be hard to find the room in our lives to give God the “yes” He deserves. Learn to overcome the anguish of hard decisions and rid yourself of the overwhelming concern for the approval of others!

Contrary to popular belief, winning in life doesn’t begin or end with your talents, abilities or gifts.  Life is won through prayer. No woman should go to war without being equipped with an instruction and direction. Learn the tools to be guided and protected by prayer and ultimately win the war of life!

Single ladies, this workshop is for you! The two-letter word, if, holds great potential and possibility. Pair this word with the right terms and we will begin to see our lives greatly enlarged. We can transform our “if-only” mindset into a “what-if” perspective, filled with faith and purpose. When we understand the phrase, “If God is for you, who can be against you?” there will be nothing that can hinder you. You will truly be unstoppable!

Life Interrupted
Dr. Jeronda Burley

In every woman’s life, she will find herself facing “interruptions.” These are the circumstances and happenings that we didn’t ask for, nor did we plan to endure.  The great thing is that we can learn to face them with grace and make it through!

Unstoppable (Panel)
Moderator: Josephine Arnold
Panelists: Lenia Queen and Tonya Brigham

In this workshop, you will hear firsthand the unstoppable stories of our panelists. Hear how they were able to overcome and run the race that they were born to win. It’s simple yet one of the most complex journeys we endure. This journey is tough, but with God’s guidance, grace and genuine love you will be unstoppable!

Unstoppable Finances (Panel)
Michelle Singletary

Are you tired of dealing with money issues that seem overwhelming or immovable? Hear from women who have struggled with their finances until they allowed God to divinely fix their finances. He empowered them to become super savers, better budgeters and be rid of thousands of dollars in debt and He can do the same for you!

  • Friday Panel Discussion (11:15 a.m. to 12:15 a.m.): During this powerful panel, you’ll hear unbelievable testimonies from women who experienced financial challenges but overcame by leaning on God to help them attain better money management and find financial peace.
  • Saturday Panel (10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.): During this session, you will hear the stories of women and their spouses who experienced financial hardships. By depending on God and one another, they became financially unstoppable. God’s love was the vessel that led to the edification of their marriage and money. This panel is great for those who are both single and married.
  • Saturday Panel (1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.) Please note: this session is the same theme as Friday’s session, with a different group of panelists: During this powerful panel, you’ll hear unbelievable testimonies from women who experienced financial challenges, but overcame by leaning on God to help them attain better money management and find financial peace.


Getting There From Here
Valencia Daniels

In our time, entrepreneurship is just as popular as kale chips and green smoothies. It’s a great idea to pursue your entrepreneurial passions. It’s an even better idea to pursue them with wisdom and tools that prove to help you lead well and find success as an entrepreneur!

Live Love Lead
Gwen Wade

God’s plan for each of our lives is mapped according to our individual purpose. Learn how to live for your purpose, love with all your heart and lead within your sphere of influence. The goal for all of us is to live well, love well and lead well!

Senior View (Panel)
Moderator: Gasby Brown
Panelists: Dolores Alexander, Thelma Hagood, Patricia Padgette

Join us as we gather and discuss hot topics centered around our seasoned Grace Girls. Our seasoned Grace Girls are still contributing to our community and as women of influence, we want to ask questions and hear answers and anecdotes, address myths and gain insight on how they have evolved into Grace Girls with a proven track record of being unstoppable.

21 Laws of Leadership
Angelia Neal

In any position of leadership, there are core principles that will lend themselves to effectiveness and efficiency. Learn these 21 principles and how to apply them to your current or future roles in leadership.

God has been using (un)qualified people to do BIG things since the beginning of time. This session will help you to assess your leadership capacity from God’s perspective. We will compare how our weaknesses, mishaps and hang-ups are viewed contrastingly between the world’s standard and God’s qualifying system.