After Amen

We are called to pray without ceasing. But there’s a role to play after we finish. Learn how to discern your part in God’s answer to your prayers. Faith without works is dead


Brave Conversations

No one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings.  But there comes a time in relationships where truthful and challenging conversations are required. This workshop will provide biblical principles to help us deliver – and receive truth – centered around God’s standards.

Brave Enough


Bulls-eye Focused

Decisions are hard to make sometimes, but being properly equipped can make them easier. Grace Girl, come learn how to be courageous. Know that you are brave enough and deserve only God’s best for your life. 


There are many things that vie for our time and attention, but are you attending to our Father’s Business?  Learn practical ways to stay focused on your God-given assignments.

Doing It Scared

Life has taught us to stay in our comfort zones, surrounded by a sense of familiarity, security and certainty. But what if God is calling us outside of that comfort?  What if He’s telling us to take a leap of faith? Is it possible to face a challenge scared and do it anyway?

Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior

You might not consider yourself beautifully fierce or even slightly strong, but what if God placed a powerful fierceness within you and every woman?  Join us for an honest look at the dynamics of your relationship as you become a warrior, encouraging and inspiring your husband.

Fight Like a Warrior

Are you fighting like a warrior in every area of your life?  We are called to the battlefield! We must learn to conquer the enemy’s lies that attempt to render you powerless and make you a victim.

He Loves Me

We all have experienced moments where we deemed ourselves unlovable or unworthy of love.  This is the biggest lie women believe.  It’s time to explore the depth of our love story with God and His unimaginable capacity to love us all.

Second Time Around

Where did the time go?  What do you do upon entering a new season in life?  The children are grown. Retirement has moved from a dream to reality. A new career presents new challenges.  Changing seasons can be difficult but learn how to navigate these exciting times.

Single and Brave

Surviving in a culture where temptations are ever present is an everyday challenge for all of us. But it can be even harder for single ladies desiring to uphold godly standards. Join us as we discuss how to identify pitfalls and establish holy boundaries

The Anatomy of Fear

Do you deal with confusion around the biblical conception of fear?  This workshop distinguishes differences between the spirit of fear and the God-given emotion of fear.  Learn how to reconcile the “spirit of fear” and the emotion of fear in our day-to-day living.

The Little Girl Within

We all have a little girl within who experienced hurtful situations in childhood that keeps us from truly moving forward. It’s time to confront those fears with the healing power of God’s Word. Are you ready to face those experiences so you can be brave in the things God called you to do?

The Speed of Trust

Trust can be destroyed quickly but, in most cases, take a long time to be restored.  Are you ready to move beyond the trust issues in your life?  Rebuilding confidence in someone doesn’t have to take forever. Come discover godly principals for trusting again, sooner.

Value in the Valley

All of us can count on seasons in our lives where we are forced to face “valley” circumstances.  During those times we often face pain, loneliness, confusion and hopelessness.  But there is also tremendous value in those seasons.  Learn how to extract the benefits of being in the valley.