Grace Girls
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Grace Girls
Our Past Does Not Determine Our Future

Monthly Gatherings 


We Want You!

Grace Girls, join us as we serve others at our monthly gathering.
Teach them something new.
Show them what’s possible with God.
Build community
Get others excited about what God has in store for their lives!




What is a Grace Girl?



A Grace Girl has had an encounter with God. Her life is set apart and on display; it brings glory to God. She shares the gospel and brings others to Christ. She consistently examines her walk with Christ by asking what good works she has done and how many people she has led to Christ.

Want To Be A Grace Girl?

Have you had an encounter with God?
Do you live a life that is sanctified, on display and brings glory to God?
Do you share the gospel and bring others to Christ?
Are you consistently examining your walk with Christ by asking what good works you have done and how many people you have led to Christ?

If you are not sure where you stand with any of the questions above or maybe you have never invited Christ into your life, it’s not too late. It’s easy as A.B.C.!